Go the Distance with Forward Momentum Travel

Your Forward Momentum journey will be unlike any trip you’ve experienced before.

Yes, that’s a bold statement—and we stand by it, for 3 reasons: Our incredible travel partners, our sustainable impact, and our signature planning process. 

Discover how our partners, impact, and process will power your next great escape: 

Our Partners

Every Forward Momentum journey is fueled by our incredible supplier partnerships. We partner with local experts and on-the-ground tour companies that know their destinations way better than Google Maps does, so they can take you far beyond the well-trod, guidebook-approved path. In fact, many of our partners don’t even have an online presence (and yeah, we think that’s a good thing!). 

Our Impact

Exploring the world is an enormous privilege—and we don’t take that lightly. We practice responsible tourism, working with local companies whenever possible so your vacation dollars benefit the communities you visit. Plus, we seek out boutique, “eco-luxury” properties that balance your comfort with sustainable, earth-friendly practices. In short, we help you do good through travel. 

Our Process: How We Bring Your Journey to Life


We’ll first meet on a complimentary discovery call, so the Forward Momentum team can learn more about the kind of adventure you’re after. We’ll talk:

  • Your past trips: the ones that lit you up … and the ones that left you cold
  • What “adventure” means to you
  • Logistics like preferred destination, dates, and budget


Next, we’ll research the best options for you, either steering you toward a guided Forward Momentum tour or a completely customized escape. For custom-crafted journeys, you’ll receive 3 itineraries to choose from, based on your unique travel style, comfort level, and fitness level.

3. BOOK: 

Once you choose your favorite itinerary, we’ll make any necessary adjustments—and then book it all for you. And we do mean ALL. We’ll take care of your:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Airport transfers
  • Transportation (train tickets, rental cars, etc)
  • Small group and private tours
  • Cruise excursions

… and more. If you need it, we’re on it. 


Before you jet off, you’ll receive your full itinerary broken down day-by-day—including all the information you need to navigate your destination. That way, you can focus on the adventure, instead of worrying about what comes next.

Plus, you’ll get the private cell number of your Forward Momentum planner, so you can reach out if you encounter any issues on your trip. Because we’re not just your travel planner—we’re your travel advocate, and we’re always just a phone call away.

Our Partners + Our Impact + Our Process = Your Next  Life-Changing Journey

Ready to go way further on vacation? Book your complimentary planning call with us and let’s chat about your next travel adventure!

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