Sip tea with a shaman in a Sahara desert oasis. 

Snorkel with baby sea lions in the shallows of the Galapagos. 

Hike down dormant volcanoes and through lush forests in Hawaii.

Don’t just go on vacation. Go on an adventure. One that’s expertly planned, seamlessly executed, and tailored just to you. 

At Forward Momentum Travel, we craft escapes for travelers who don’t believe in boundaries. Who yearn for vacations that give them transformations, not just “time off.” Who refuse to be boxed in by a museum’s velvet ropes, or a tour guide’s well-trod route. 

We’re here for the adventurers, the free spirits, and the travelers (not tourists!) who are ready to go the distance. On a Forward Momentum journey, you’ll go farther, connect deeper, and come back changed, forever. 

Discover how: 

Guided Adventure Tours

Prepare to journey farther than you ever thought possible. 

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Women’s Group Travel

Travel together to experience indelible landscapes up close.

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Custom-Crafted Itineraries

Let’s design a tailored journey, just for you.

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