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Thank you for considering Forward Momentum Travel! I, too, surfed the web for travel deals, only to become overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the services and offerings. When it came to unique customized vacations the choices and selections were bland at best. I want to see the unexplored and immerse myself in culture, without throngs of people tagging along because we all booked the same cookie cutter tours offered on way too many sites. So I formed Forward Momentum Travel with the promise of sensational, custom...one-of-a-kind vacation packages. You won't find many packages advertised on my site. I create "custom" itineraries and private tours for individuals and groups of family and friends traveling together. Your dream, your group and my expertise! Just pick a location and share your dreams with me and I'm confident I can present you with a sensational vacation package, all within your budget. Whether you want a cruise line vacation or a bucket list private jet excursion around the world...I can deliver. My staff and I have traveled the globe and we want to arrange for you to do the same.



Russian River Vineyard

When Sandra formed Forward Momentum Travel, we both shared a common vision; to help clients weed through the clutter of internet travel offerings and book beyond the “big box” travel tour packages.  Nothing is more time draining and frustrating than trying to plan your own vacation; a vacation as unique as you.

As we grew the business, my love for luxury adventure travel became my area of expertise.  I’ve traveled extensively during my former career in international security, and I wanted to share more unusual locations and exotic experiences with travelers.

My passion is truly off-the-beaten-path experiences…..the ones that are personally curated for the traveler.  My days are spent developing relationships with one-of-a-kind independent suppliers throughout the world in order to bring you a life-changing, luxurious adventure travel experience you never thought possible.  

Let me plan your next luxury adventure vacation.  I promise your journey will be filled with unique experiences, inspiring sights and renowned service you deserve.


Chief Exploration Officer 

Paulie Wimbert
Member of ASTA
Paul is a proud member of ASTA
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