Get Outside, Go Explore, Change Your Life

Small-Group Tours for Daring Adventurers

You’re not looking for a vacation. You’re yearning for a thrill.

A spine-tingling, heart-pumping, “oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-this!” adventure.

We’re happy to deliver.

Our small-group active adventure tours take the stress out of going off the beaten path, with transportation, overnight stays, and incredible excursions all planned out for you.

So, what can you expect on your Forward Momentum Journey?

Explore Beyond the Ordinary

It’s time to escape to the edge of the world—and we’re ready to take you there. Our group adventure itineraries don’t just go off the beaten path, they take you to hard-to-reach regions that only the lucky few get to experience. The rainforests of the Amazon, the peaks of Patagonia, the shallows of the Galapagos … the last true wild places on earth are yours to explore.

Test Your Limits

Scaling mountains, hiking through rainforests, cycling over back trails—even surfing down sand dunes. A Forward Momentum tour is a real adventure. One designed to challenge you, and leave you changed, forever. We’ll organize heart-pumping excursions that test your skills and strength, all while keeping your safety our top priority.

Adventure TravelMeet Your Forward Momentum Guide, Paul Wimbert

From trekking through the Amazon jungle at night, to rappelling the sheer cliff faces of Patagonia, I seek out adventure wherever I can—and I’m so excited to introduce you to some of my favorite wild places. On your Forward Momentum group trip, we’ll tackle new adventures with confidence and bond over our boldness. Plus, I’ve cultivated relationships with knowledgeable local experts and excursion leaders in some of the world’s most incredible destinations—and I can’t wait for you to meet them.

Why embark on an adventure tour with Forward Momentum?

  • We keep our groups small and intimate (each trip is capped at 12 adventurers)
  • You’re escorted every step of the way, so you never have to figure out the logistics yourself
  • We partner with local experts and on-the-ground tour companies to bring you the kinds of experience you can’t uncover on Google
  • We travel responsibly whenever possible, staying at eco-friendly hotels and patronizing local establishments—so you can feel good about your travel adventure
  • You get support before you depart, too—we’ll make sure you know about any visa requirements, necessary vaccines, and other important destination information

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