Welcome to Adventure Made Just for You

What does “adventure” mean to you?

Scaling mountains, fording rivers, and diving to new depths, or …

Exploring hidden side streets, cycling along riverbanks, and tasting new flavors?

However you define “adventure,” Forward Momentum will bring it to life for you.

We’ll design a custom land or cruise journey that’s packed full of immersive, hands-on experiences, and that reflects your unique travel style and skill level.

Welcome to adventure, your way. How do you want to explore?

Cruise Farther, Explore Deeper

This isn’t your grandma’s cruise, with “fancy dress” nights and packed-to-the-edges pools. Instead, we’ll match you with an intimate, small-ship expedition cruise designed to take you to the world’s most awesome—and hard-to-reach—places. Get ready to check off your bucket list with snorkeling in the Galapagos, polar bear tracking in the Arctic, or sailing past the thick jungle that fringes the Panama Canal. Then, expand your opportunity to explore with a pre- or post-stay, designed just for you.

Tailored Itineraries, Packed with Adventure

It’s time to travel outside the lines. On a custom-crafted itinerary, your journey will be packed full of adventures and excursions tailored to your passions and skill level. Hit the highlights of your destination—and the hidden gems. We’ll hook you up with everything you need for a seamless experience, whether that’s private transportation, tour reservations, rented cars, or advice on what you simply can’t miss. Plus, our connections with on-the-ground experts give you the chance to immerse yourself in the truly authentic side of your destination.

Your Next Journey Is Calling

Discover how we'll bring your journey to life: